Exhibition Invitation


"Wooden Man Staring at Birds and Flowers"

06.06.2014 - 26.09.2014

Een houten man kan geen emoties hebben. Bloemen en vogels doen hem niets, hij kan zonder gevoel naar ze staren. Deze schilderijen zijn als die houten man, en de toeschouwers zijn de vogels en de bloemen.

Wooden Man Staring at Birds and Flowers is a solo exhibition by Ruben Kragt, shortly following and reflecting on his two-year residency at De Ateliers in Amsterdam. Kragt explores the phenomena of looking and representation in relation to painting. In addition, he plays with images of the other. His colourful, straightforward paintings lend an exotic appearance to otherwise banal objects and situations.

Ruben Kragt is fascinated by visual cultures and the rapid speed with which they develop. Daily, vast amounts of images are thoughtlessly consumed all over the world. On the contrary, the art of painting is slow and silent: paintings demand a seemingly static view on the un(fore)seen. Kragt finds his subjects in the image explosion of the everyday, but enriches them with the atmosphere of the unfamiliar.

>> September 14, 2014

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